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FAQ's and Comments

Q:When did you start writing?
A: Almost as soon as I could read and write.  I was thrilled to discover the library in elementary school.

Q: What got you interested in science fiction?
A: First, my dad was fascinated by NASA and the landing on the moon.  We also watched a lot of Star Trek.  Then I discovered the Doctor Who series.  As a science fiction author, I'm really encouraged to see how both of those franchises seemed to find new life and new audiences.

Q: What made you decide to try to get published?
A: It was never a matter of 'if,' merely 'when.'  I used to read a lot about how long it took to get into print; even if you have a lot talent, there's so much out there that getting published traditionally is somewhat like winning the lottery.

Q: Is that why you went with 'supported self-publishing?'
A: Partly.  I also write fast, and didn't want to risk losing the logical sequence of a story line while waiting for a publisher.

Q: Why didn't you use a pen name?
A: There's really no point to that these days.  If you live in a free society, you should have nothing to hide from.  With the internet and other forms of access to information, you wouldn't be able to hide your identity for long.  Besides, the 'stalkarazzi' are not particularly violent in Canada.