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The battle of Sci Fi versus reality has been strong, long before Captain Kirk tried to turn gorgeous aliens into his girlfriends. But in the latest Sci Fi series, Author Phyllis K Twombly has turned the tables and has the aliens looking for love from us. Been Blued, the start of the Martian Symbiont series, takes you through the struggle of an advanced group of people who return to Earth after a space virus wipes out their women. In desperation, they've turned to cloning, a temporary reprieve from their pending extinction.

Sample Interview Questions:

Q: What's a symbiont?

Q: When did you begin writing science fiction?

Q: Where do your ideas come from?

Q: After a positive experience with 'supported self-publishing,' why did you sign a contract with a more traditional publisher? Is the end of your self-publishing days?

Q: What's the next step in your writing career?

Q: You recently got into community theater and played the Tom/Phyllis/Leslie role in A.R. Gurney's 'Sylvia.' Did you find it difficult to portray three different characters in such a short time span?

There can be a fine line between serious science fiction and spoof. No-one is happier to erase it than Sci Fi writer, Phyllis K Twombly, author of the Martian Symbiont series, which will have a total of four titles. The first two, Been Blued, and Martian Blues, are currently available by calling 1-800-AUTHORS and from many of your favorite internet booksellers.

Series creator, Phyllis K Twombly, is a fun author to interview about Sci Fi and how she created this new series. Contact her for interviews through the contact page.

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